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Gabriel Baicu was born in 1954 in Brasov, Romania. He followed the Bucharest University / Faculty of Law and he finished the studies in 1974. He moved in Ireland in 2006, where he studied theology and philosophy, getting a B. A. degree.

He then studied in UCD Ireland, where he got a master degree in philosophy.

At the moment, he is preparing for doctoral degree in philosophy. He is interested in topics linked to the relations between philosophy and religion, philosophy and science, religion and science and theology.

He has written two books under the titles: Christian Spirituality And Religious Institutions, and God’s False Mirror.





























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Model regarding the operation of the first Christian communities

   The distinction between institutional and non institutional Christianity, consists in the fact that, in the early Christian Church, the spiritual element was more present than the institutional one. It was a time when the institution was not there …

. uploaded: 07. 03. 2013   

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Knowledge puffs up, while love builds up

   Although the existence of a single Church of God is a fact well demonstrated in the Bible, we can not accept the principle of the uniqueness of the Church of God if we don’t accept the validity of the water baptism...

uploaded: 07. 03. 2013   

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Faith without love is dead

   Jesus died for us on the cross. What does this mean? He sacrificed Himself voluntarily for us and for our benefit. What for? This is the big question: What we gain from His sacrifice? We gain a justification, a grace...

uploaded: 07. 03. 2013   

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It is more blessed to give than to


   What kind of God do we have? It is one who believes that "giving" is more satisfying thanreceiving.” (Acts 20: 35) From this we can draw many conclusions. Firstly, the image that God is an absolute master, requiring blind obedience from us, proves, once again, to be a false one

uploaded: 07. 03. 2013   

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Turning to Christ

   I advocate a return to Christ, not only to the Bible, not just to the first Christian communities, the so-called apostolic Church. Why? I found that it takes a continuation of the Reformation, a New Reformation even, in order to deepen what others, in the past have started. Luther…

uploaded: 07. 03. 2013   

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Born from above or sinners

   No man on earth can stop sinning as long as it is still motivated by his human nature. Why? This is because every man is a sinner in God's sight precisely because of his human nature. Sin dwells in us, in our genes…

uploaded: 07. 03. 2013   

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Religious intolerance in Christianity

   I can not say, with absolute certainty that the best option for water baptism is the child or the adult, but I can safely say that we must respect the beliefs of everyone in this and in all other aspects of spiritual life....

uploaded: 15. 11. 2012   

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Real Christianity and New Reformation (Part 1)  

   This reform involves replacing institutional authority with the principle of Christian love which is the exact opposite of this type of authority, enjoyed by institutional churches...

uploaded: 11. 11. 2012

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Is The Church One or many? (Part 2)  

    The place of the born again Christians is “in Christ,” and this situation can happen only when He lives through the Holly Spirit inside us...

uploaded: 03. 11. 2012

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Is The Church One or many? (Part 1)

   The unity of the True Church of God is not only a past or future event, it is a present, and actual reality. This is one of the best demonstrate teachings, in the New Testament, but also one of the most neglected. Why is so neglected?....

uploaded: 07. 10. 2012

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Looking for the true Church of God

   In the context of the existence of so many Christian denominations the question about the true Church of God is entirely justified. Each and every Church presents us with the claim that it is the true Church of God and that its doctrine is the correct one and maintains that all other Christian doctrines are marred by mistakes...

uploaded: 12. 09. 2012

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